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I take weekends off

2009-09-28 03:02:40 by Emomudkip

Just sayin'

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The Exodar, Brother Xevara's pod.

The Exodar was home to millions of Dranei, never ending house pods scaling up into infinity. These pods were small, but enough. They contained a bed, bathroom and small seating area, anything that a Dranei could want would be dispensable from the automated vender walls, Adjustable controls to change the colour of walls and the lighting to the owners liking in a flash, all powered by the magic of Naaru, the Dranei god. Brother Xevara sat in his arm chair, studying his notes.
A hurried knock came at the door.
Xevara laid his notes down at the table besides him and spoke,
'It's open'
A young Dranei, gasping for air, leaned his head out of the window.
'Brother Xevara!' He said, although all it sounded like was a huge breath. 'The girl... She's awake!'
Xevara almost did his business out of the bathroom.

Azuremyst Isle Hospital.

Brother Xevara was outside the Azuremyst Isle Hospital, an even more tired looking Dranei nearly collapsing at his side, Xevara could hardly hold his excitement, after 10 years of waiting. He looked like a child queuing for the nearly open toy store.
'Do you wish to rest out here?'
The younger Dranei's face lit up like a bulb 'Yes! Please' And at that, he collapsed onto the soft, grassy earth.

The doors swung open by Xevara's huge arms, each stride felt like he was walking to heaven, his heart was beating at nearly 50 a minute.
Even though Miss. Koboi's room was only thirty four out of ten thousand, the short walk seemed like an age of walking the priests heart quickening with excitement each time he walked past another door number.
As the room thirty four opened, the welcoming light above the door bloomed a bright blue, the patients room almost looked exactly like the housing pods, except with medical equipment cluttered around the bed and several extra buttons on the panels.
Miss Sétrina Koboi was sat in her bed with her hands resting at her stomach. The patients horns were elegantly spreading from her head and swirling to a tip, her hair tied up in pigtails hanging at the sides. Bright blue eyes stared off into the distance with slight concern, Brother Xevara put on his best "smart" voice.
'Miss. Koboi' He said, smiling 'You're finally awake, how are you feeling?'
The girl's voice was mature and her speech was several times more elegant then Stormwind's richest noble. 'I am fine, stranger'
Xevara almost felt a little hurt. 'I am no stranger Miss. Koboi, even though you don't know it, I have been with you for a very long time' the priest sat down at the nearest chair, leaning forward to the polite lady. 'People call me Brother Xevara; I have been your doctor all this time. And you are..?' he said, still not knowing his patients first name.
The girl was about to speak, then looked away; tears began to well up in her eyes as she looked back at the doctor helplessly.
'I do not remember'
Brother Xevara paled.
'Don't tell me that...'

Hey guys i got a new page, R33D IT NA0! =]

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Tanaris, Black coast.

Once the ship had landed multiple crew members jumped into the shallow waters to cool off, before Captain Vark politely asked them to get out.
Half the rowers were sent to gather supplies and set up camp in the coast, the other half were send to unload all the findings they found just laying on the floor on the way.
Geezle, on the other hand, was sleeping cosily on the coasts sand, Vark felt his scales bristling again.
'M'yes?' Spoke the goblin, eyes still closed.
'When I said "Take care of the prisoner" did I not make myself clear that you cannot let you're eyes off him?!" Bellowed the captain, his hand inches away from his blade.
'Relax, it's fine, I already sent the guy over to Drak'Ta and his boys'
Captain Vark's anger suddenly turned to fear, Drak'Ta was a Half Blood elf, half dragon, with a temper that would bring several Varks' to shame.
'Right well... Good work' quelled the lizard, stepping away slowly with never ending dread to seeing the Lord, Geezle grinning all the way.

'Speak, human' Said the half dragon, brandishing a club burning with unnatural flames, the prisoner spoke for the first time today.
Although Drak'Ta had a bad temper, he was patient.
'We don't want to know about a comet, we want the location of your men, where are they stationed?'
The prisoner soon realised who he was talking to, his brains instinct caused him to turn around, and was greeted with a rather burly goblin, brandishing a heavy mace.
'I'm afraid you're not leaving just yet' spoke the lord, pressing the club against the humans back like stubbing out a metre long cigarette.
The prisoner screamed in pain, and did as he was told, Drak'Ta grinned, the club was infused with a charm that could make even the most strong willed mind do whatever the owner of the weapon say.
The human did so.
The human did that also.
'Now tell me what we want to know'
The human fell silent, Drak'Ta grimaced and looked over to his subordinate, the goblin shrugged, then an idea sprouted in the lords brain.
'Don't tell me that...'

Continuing on my Tale...

2009-09-23 14:59:03 by Emomudkip

So far every things going fine, no writers block (yet...)

Continuing from where we left off...
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Captain Vark thought he had hit the jackpot, the ordinary plan was to catch some ordinary soldier, but who was this person? Was he a commissioner - Or perhaps some kind of lord? The more gold the better, but he couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong. The lizard scratched his bristling scales, and adjusted his tongue once more.
'Move faster you slackers!' Don't make me remind you about my little promise to anybody I catch stopping!"
The ship sped up another 30 miles an hour.

Azuremyst Isle Hospital.

On the other end of Azeroth, another group of people were fussing over a certain member of importance, but this time for good cause.
Azuremyst Isle was just off the end of Kalimdor, connected by the Lost Coast's dock over to Stormwind, a 3 day voyage, but for the most of the inhabitants of Azuremyst, it was well worth the trip to the stone metropolis of honour and glory.

Brother Xevara peered down at the patient before him, scratching his layered beard at the medical report. Xevara was slightly bigger then your average Dranei, But that was mostly a lot bigger then any other race. Spanning at nearly eight feet tall, pale blue skin and widely out of proportion muscles, even the most ferocious forest bear would think twice about making this man being his evening meal.
'I don't understand this at all...' He muttered to himself, attempting to piece together the evidence held before him.

His patient, Miss, Setrina, Koboi, Was sleeping contently on the silk mattress under Xevara's first aid tent. She was another victim of the crash of the Exodar, but this girl was different, most of the patients Brother Xevara was faced with were just suffering from slight mental trauma and a few broken bones, but this patient had every bone in her body broken, several punched through her skin and a slight open forehead wound... But she was still breathing through out the whole thirty four hour operation. Every healing specialist in Azuremyst took a break of 24 hour sleep afterwards, providing magical life support for thirty four hours was like running a marathon six times over.

But if that wasn't enough, apparently she had been in her restoration coma for nearly ten years! Despite the fact that she should had awoken nearly 8 years ago. Brother Xevara had been her personal priest since the accident.
A slightly smaller female Dranei stepped over to him, carrying a tray of several cups of steaming green liquid.
'Would you like some thistle tea, Brother?' She asked in a polite, yet cheerful voice, the priest took the offer and slipped out a cup from the tray and drank deeply before shaking his head.
'You know, I have no idea what's wrong with this patient' He said, taking the words from his thoughts a few minutes ago. 'She should had awoken years ago by now'
The vendor peered over to see the sleeping patient.
'That's Miss. Koboi, is she not? She's become quite the celebrity around here, she'll get quite the warm welcome when she wakes up' spoke the female, while leaving to tend to a group of exhausted healing warlocks who had just saved another crash victim. That's if she wakes up... thought Xevara.

I've begun writing a story!

2009-09-22 14:45:26 by Emomudkip

Hey guys, me and Tribalfusion-X enjoy to Role play on World of Warcraft (Any hate posts will be deleted by the way) Because of this, i have been inspired to start making my own story based on our role play.
Just... More interesting.
Unfortunatly the story hasn't got a title at the moment, but enjoy :D
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Chapter one: Misty Past.

The sun was scorching; several kinds of complaints were being passed quietly amongst the crew members. Captain Vark noticed this, his scales bristled in anger.
'Be quiet you fools!' He growled in a lizard tongue. 'If you really hate the heat that much, you're more then welcome to jump into the sea and cool off with the crocolisks'
The crew fell silent, being a bit hot beat being trapped at sea surrounded by crocolisks any day.
Captain Vark sluggishly trod over to the bow, dragging his scaly feet along the wood; a fancily dressed goblin was watching over two crates, one wooden, one made out of fenced metal, a beaten man was
'How is the prisoner?' Said the captain, now using a goblin tongue, he was skilled in nearly 9 different languages, making it very easy to pick the most burly of the races of Azeroth.
'He fell unconscious a while after we left, he's still breathing though' squawked the goblin, scratching his nose nervously in front of the beast of a captain that was easily three times the size of him, Vark scowled, showing a full set of sharp lizard teeth.
'Make sure he doesn't die, Geezle, We want information, not blood'
Geezle already understood the situation, and even had several healing warlocks at his disposal in case the prisoner stopped breathing, but hearing it come out of his captains mouth was enough to make him sweat, without the suns assistance.
"Yes sir! Everything is in control!" he said, dabbing his forehead with a silk cloth.

The ship, "Scaled Killer" was a gigantic war brig, decorated in bones and tribal shields and markings. Of course, Vark designed the ship himself, from the structure to the cannon balls. It had set sail from Northrend over to Tanaris, in the Eastern Kingdoms.
To the intelligent members of the crew, such as Geezle and Captain Vark, the plan was a simple one. All the crew had to do was snatch a member of the Stormwind Infantry from his scouting group in Northrend, and then bring them back to Tanaris. From there, the crew will "politely ask" where the main base of operations was stationed in Northrend, and then send a letter of ransom, asking for a hefty amount of gold for the prisoner to disguise the situation. After that was done, Captain Vark and his crew will back attack the base and destroy it. Although, nearly half of the crew was hurled back onto the ship for declaring war on all of Alliance and nearly killing anybody that stepped past them.

Even though the prisoner was not dressed in your average Stormwind Infantry armour, it was quite unique actually, a carefully constructed robe scaled in crystals taken from Bloodmyst isle, Blood crystals, crystals that, when big enough, could evaporate the whole of the veil sea. But these were specially modified and constructed to set just the right amount of temperature to fight against the sheer cold of Northrend, the chills of Northrend could reach right through the bone.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Thank you for reading =] More posts coming soon.

--[The Scanners Working!]--
Well as you can see I got the scanner up and running...
(Tribal hit it with a hammer)
So now i will be able to submit all of my L.T Art that i draw in my spare time =]

--[L.T News!]--
Me and Tribal are currently thinking of what videos to make, we will be ready to make videos soon!