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Hey, This is Lithen from L.T Productions! This is my NG account =] but i have no idea how to / cba to make flash animations =[ Sorry To get to tribal, just talk to Tribalfusion-X =]

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I take weekends off

2009-09-28 03:02:40 by Emomudkip

Just sayin'

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The Exodar, Brother Xevara's pod.

The Exodar was home to millions of Dranei, never ending house pods scaling up into infinity. These pods were small, but enough. They contained a bed, bathroom and small seating area, anything that a Dranei could want would be dispensable from the automated vender walls, Adjustable controls to change the colour of walls and the lighting to the owners liking in a flash, all powered by the magic of Naaru, the Dranei god. Brother Xevara sat in his arm chair, studying his notes.
A hurried knock came at the door.
Xevara laid his notes down at the table besides him and spoke,
'It's open'
A young Dranei, gasping for air, leaned his head out of the window.
'Brother Xevara!' He said, although all it sounded like was a huge breath. 'The girl... She's awake!'
Xevara almost did his business out of the bathroom.

Azuremyst Isle Hospital.

Brother Xevara was outside the Azuremyst Isle Hospital, an even more tired looking Dranei nearly collapsing at his side, Xevara could hardly hold his excitement, after 10 years of waiting. He looked like a child queuing for the nearly open toy store.
'Do you wish to rest out here?'
The younger Dranei's face lit up like a bulb 'Yes! Please' And at that, he collapsed onto the soft, grassy earth.

The doors swung open by Xevara's huge arms, each stride felt like he was walking to heaven, his heart was beating at nearly 50 a minute.
Even though Miss. Koboi's room was only thirty four out of ten thousand, the short walk seemed like an age of walking the priests heart quickening with excitement each time he walked past another door number.
As the room thirty four opened, the welcoming light above the door bloomed a bright blue, the patients room almost looked exactly like the housing pods, except with medical equipment cluttered around the bed and several extra buttons on the panels.
Miss S├ętrina Koboi was sat in her bed with her hands resting at her stomach. The patients horns were elegantly spreading from her head and swirling to a tip, her hair tied up in pigtails hanging at the sides. Bright blue eyes stared off into the distance with slight concern, Brother Xevara put on his best "smart" voice.
'Miss. Koboi' He said, smiling 'You're finally awake, how are you feeling?'
The girl's voice was mature and her speech was several times more elegant then Stormwind's richest noble. 'I am fine, stranger'
Xevara almost felt a little hurt. 'I am no stranger Miss. Koboi, even though you don't know it, I have been with you for a very long time' the priest sat down at the nearest chair, leaning forward to the polite lady. 'People call me Brother Xevara; I have been your doctor all this time. And you are..?' he said, still not knowing his patients first name.
The girl was about to speak, then looked away; tears began to well up in her eyes as she looked back at the doctor helplessly.
'I do not remember'
Brother Xevara paled.
'Don't tell me that...'