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Continuing on my Tale...

2009-09-23 14:59:03 by Emomudkip

So far every things going fine, no writers block (yet...)

Continuing from where we left off...
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Captain Vark thought he had hit the jackpot, the ordinary plan was to catch some ordinary soldier, but who was this person? Was he a commissioner - Or perhaps some kind of lord? The more gold the better, but he couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong. The lizard scratched his bristling scales, and adjusted his tongue once more.
'Move faster you slackers!' Don't make me remind you about my little promise to anybody I catch stopping!"
The ship sped up another 30 miles an hour.

Azuremyst Isle Hospital.

On the other end of Azeroth, another group of people were fussing over a certain member of importance, but this time for good cause.
Azuremyst Isle was just off the end of Kalimdor, connected by the Lost Coast's dock over to Stormwind, a 3 day voyage, but for the most of the inhabitants of Azuremyst, it was well worth the trip to the stone metropolis of honour and glory.

Brother Xevara peered down at the patient before him, scratching his layered beard at the medical report. Xevara was slightly bigger then your average Dranei, But that was mostly a lot bigger then any other race. Spanning at nearly eight feet tall, pale blue skin and widely out of proportion muscles, even the most ferocious forest bear would think twice about making this man being his evening meal.
'I don't understand this at all...' He muttered to himself, attempting to piece together the evidence held before him.

His patient, Miss, Setrina, Koboi, Was sleeping contently on the silk mattress under Xevara's first aid tent. She was another victim of the crash of the Exodar, but this girl was different, most of the patients Brother Xevara was faced with were just suffering from slight mental trauma and a few broken bones, but this patient had every bone in her body broken, several punched through her skin and a slight open forehead wound... But she was still breathing through out the whole thirty four hour operation. Every healing specialist in Azuremyst took a break of 24 hour sleep afterwards, providing magical life support for thirty four hours was like running a marathon six times over.

But if that wasn't enough, apparently she had been in her restoration coma for nearly ten years! Despite the fact that she should had awoken nearly 8 years ago. Brother Xevara had been her personal priest since the accident.
A slightly smaller female Dranei stepped over to him, carrying a tray of several cups of steaming green liquid.
'Would you like some thistle tea, Brother?' She asked in a polite, yet cheerful voice, the priest took the offer and slipped out a cup from the tray and drank deeply before shaking his head.
'You know, I have no idea what's wrong with this patient' He said, taking the words from his thoughts a few minutes ago. 'She should had awoken years ago by now'
The vendor peered over to see the sleeping patient.
'That's Miss. Koboi, is she not? She's become quite the celebrity around here, she'll get quite the warm welcome when she wakes up' spoke the female, while leaving to tend to a group of exhausted healing warlocks who had just saved another crash victim. That's if she wakes up... thought Xevara.


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