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The tale without a name strikes again!

2009-09-24 11:35:51 by Emomudkip

Hey guys i got a new page, R33D IT NA0! =]

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Tanaris, Black coast.

Once the ship had landed multiple crew members jumped into the shallow waters to cool off, before Captain Vark politely asked them to get out.
Half the rowers were sent to gather supplies and set up camp in the coast, the other half were send to unload all the findings they found just laying on the floor on the way.
Geezle, on the other hand, was sleeping cosily on the coasts sand, Vark felt his scales bristling again.
'M'yes?' Spoke the goblin, eyes still closed.
'When I said "Take care of the prisoner" did I not make myself clear that you cannot let you're eyes off him?!" Bellowed the captain, his hand inches away from his blade.
'Relax, it's fine, I already sent the guy over to Drak'Ta and his boys'
Captain Vark's anger suddenly turned to fear, Drak'Ta was a Half Blood elf, half dragon, with a temper that would bring several Varks' to shame.
'Right well... Good work' quelled the lizard, stepping away slowly with never ending dread to seeing the Lord, Geezle grinning all the way.

'Speak, human' Said the half dragon, brandishing a club burning with unnatural flames, the prisoner spoke for the first time today.
Although Drak'Ta had a bad temper, he was patient.
'We don't want to know about a comet, we want the location of your men, where are they stationed?'
The prisoner soon realised who he was talking to, his brains instinct caused him to turn around, and was greeted with a rather burly goblin, brandishing a heavy mace.
'I'm afraid you're not leaving just yet' spoke the lord, pressing the club against the humans back like stubbing out a metre long cigarette.
The prisoner screamed in pain, and did as he was told, Drak'Ta grinned, the club was infused with a charm that could make even the most strong willed mind do whatever the owner of the weapon say.
The human did so.
The human did that also.
'Now tell me what we want to know'
The human fell silent, Drak'Ta grimaced and looked over to his subordinate, the goblin shrugged, then an idea sprouted in the lords brain.
'Don't tell me that...'


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